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Modern and powerful theme built on near vanilla Bootstrap 4

Replacer is a perfect tool to start making landing pages with Bootstrap 4, it provides content-oriented, clean, modular and mobile-first design, which you can easily customize

Content-oriented design

Replacer has an extremely solid and clean design to focus your visitors on what you want to tell them, and this lightweight design will never go out of trends

Built on near-vanilla Bootstrap

Replacer uses Bootstrap to the fullest. We didn’t code new CSS styles if Bootstrap already had the solution, so the theme loads quickly and easy to customize

Exclusive illustrations and icons

We made illustrations and line icons, especially for Replacer. Feel free to customize them in Figma file, which is also included

Trustworthy and quick support

We value our work and happy to provide our customers with first-class and fast support, which has already proven itself

Consistency and harmony

Each of 40+ sections (like features, testimonials and etc.), provided by Replacer, fits perfectly with each other, because of minimalistic and solid design

Background system

If you want to add a bit of noise in your design, so it did not look too boring, you can use ready-made dot background system or make your own background with Figma file, which is also included

Long-term upgrade plans

Replacer is constantly growing and updatable theme, and we have long-term plans to making it better according to your feedback

PUG support

PUG is a high-performance template engine, which provides a comfortable environment for developers, working with HTML


Unique and usefull landing pages

  1. Basic
  2. Startup 1
  3. Startup 2
  4. Startup 3
  5. SaaS 1
  6. SaaS 2
  7. Mobile
  8. Meetup

Inner pages

  1. About
  2. Pricing 1
  3. Pricing 2
  4. Contact us
  5. FAQ
  6. Login & register 1
  7. Login & register 1
  8. Password recovery
  9. 404 error
  10. Privacy & terms
  11. Careers
  12. Careers page
  13. Apply form

Blog pages

  1. Blog 1
  2. Blog article 1
  3. Blog 2
  4. Blog article 2


  1. Slick carousel
  2. Font Awesome
  3. Smooth scroll
  4. Page preloader
  5. Animate On Scroll
  6. Fancybox (it’s premium plugin, you save $29)
  7. Counters
  8. Parallax
  9. Hover.css (it’s premium plugin, you save $14)
  10. Typed text
  11. Mapbox


We are here for you to provide excellent support:


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